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Unrivaled Tractive Effort Quick Contacts:

Scott Carpenter
GM Emissions & Funding
Cell: 814-434-7150

Phone: 814-835-2212
Fax: 814-836-2908
2011 Peninsula Drive
Erie, PA 16506

Continually out-pulling the competition in head-to-head testing performed independently on customer properties, RP Series locomotives provide 33% adhesion.

Maximized Fuel Savings
Through the use of smaller, more fuel efficient engines and control strategies such as idle stop and power-on-demand, RP Series customers save up to 55% on fuel cost and consumption.

Uncompromised Emissions Reductions
Tier 3 and Tier 4 certified engines, coupled with an efficient engine control strategy, enable RP Series locomotives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 55% and nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates by up to 90%, improving the environments in which they operate. Unlike other emissions reduction technology, RP Series locomotives do not compromise fuel economy for emissions reductions.

Ruggedized Reliability
RP Series locomotives average 95% or better availability. RP Series locomotives feature reliability that is better than our competitors and equal to the reliability of high horsepower fleets due to rugged design, customer training, RemoDi, L.I.V.E., post-delivery technical support, and a crew-friendly service design.

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