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What We Haul Quick Contacts:

Across our railroads, R. J. Corman moves America's economy. From metals to food products, we keep industries producing by providing economical transportation solutions.

Dustin Shaver
Director of Sales
Commercial Development


Rock, gravel, sand, rock salt or other mineral fragments

These products go into the building of roads, concrete and railroad track beds, as well as managing snow and ice.

Agricultural Products
Wheat, soybeans, corn, peanuts, malt or dried distilled grains (a by-product in ethanol production)

Peanuts go into making peanut butter and malt goes into beer and energy drinks.

Building Materials
Pipe, PVC, brick and lumber

Materials are used in various pipeline projects and building construction.

Powders, resins and polymers

These are used to make other products like rubber and plastics stronger and last longer.

Food Products
Sugar, tomato paste, soybean oil and corn syrup

All are products that go into many of the different foods we eat every day.

Metal Products
Steel or aluminum coils, scrap metal, aluminum and zinc ingots

These various materials go into galvanizing steel and building structures, beverage cans and metal recycling industry.

Military Machinery

Our company assists military contractors with their logistics needs to efficiently ship equipment to the nation’s armed forces.

Petroleum & Plastics
Petroleum jelly, rubber and plastic pellets

Petroleum is used in a wide variety of products such as fuel, synthetic rubber and plastics. Toys, laundry detergent bottles and floor mats come from the plastics we haul.

Railroad Materials
Steel rail, cross and switch ties, tie plates, anchors and railroad spikes

Railroads need material for maintaining and upgrading their rights-of-way.

Wood & Paper Products
Various timber, fiber and particle board products

The products we move get manufactured into cardboard boxes for various packaging, diaper boxes and catalogs.

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