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Material Sales


Wiring & Assembly

Material Warehousing & Logistics


Wiring & Assembly

Our employees have many years of experience wiring cases/houses, assembling signals and factory testing for Class One, regional, shortline and transit customers, and they stand ready to put that experience to work on your next project.

Process Controls
Every task has a time-tested and documented process to control the consistency of the work being done. This makes it easier to achieve consistently positive results, as well as highlight anomalies that may indicate the need for closer scrutiny, and maybe an improvement in the process.

With 35,000 square feet of carefully planned case/house wiring and signal assembly space, no company is more vested in supporting our customer’s demands. Whether it’s a single project, or 50 projects a month, R. J. Corman Signaling has the capacity and the dedication to live up to the challenge.

Additionally, our wiring shop is located on our 2,000 acre corporate campus with over a million square feet of space under roof, and surrounded by capable and available labor of every skill level.

Right Business Partner
We are one of the few full service signal companies that talks the talk and walks the walk. Every employee in the company is e-RAILSAFE and Roadway Worker Training certified. Maybe that sounds extreme for a signal company, but we are much more than that. We own, operate and maintain almost 1000 miles of our own infrastructure, so we live with some of the same challenges faced by our customers, and we know how to work together to resolve them in the most effective way.

Lastly, we have all the tools required to get the work done properly.

Industry standard and calibrated tools, simulation and test fixtures, compartmentalized wiring stations, stocked warehouse of “floor stock” items, shipping and packaging tools and materials, etc.

Quick Contacts:

Rocky Metz
VP Engineering
Phone: 859-881-6656

Larry Yeager
AVP Construction

Dan Jenkins
Director Finance/Admin
Phone: 859-881-6647

Services Include:  
  • Case/House Layout
  • Point to Point Wiring
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Wire Tag Making
  • Battery Trays
  • Signal Assembly
  • Operational Testing & Documentation
  • Project Material Packaging
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