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OUR VISION is to be the BEST Service Provider 
to the Railroad and Related Industries.

Safety Symbol.pngMission

Through our dedicated employees, we will be the best service provider by our total commitment to customer satisfaction, increasingly efficient operations and asset utilization while providing an ever-improving safe and rewarding work environment.


At R. J. Corman, each of our employees strives to uphold our key values, or "Big Rocks" every day. We believe that if we all focus on these things, our Vision to be the best service provider to the railroad and related industries will remain true.

Safety Is Our Priority!

Working on or around the rails can be very dangerous and requires attention to safety at all times. As a railroad operator, safety is our primary focus. This includes the safety of the general public as well as our employees. R. J. Corman companies have extensive safety programs in place.

Our Safety Department is led by a Safety Manager and two strategically placed Regional Safety Representatives armed with training materials, compliance audits and a sharp eye. Our Safety Department personnel travel to all of our locations to maintain our sharp focus on this essential behavior.

Safety Symbol.pngSafety Principles

Developed by our Corporate Officers, the core safety principles held by the R. J. Corman family of companies are listed below:

  1. We expect 0 injuries.
  2. Working safely is a condition of employment
  3. We are committed to safety training
  4. Job safety is important to each of our families
  5. Safety is good business

Safety Pledge

Every R. J. Corman employee at their time of hire signs the following Safety Pledge:

The safety and health of employees is our priority.

No job is worth sacrificing safety. The timely completion of jobs is important to the company. However, employee safety is our priority.

My safety and that of my co-workers is my priority. It is my duty to work safely and to look out for the safety of my fellow workers. 

I realize that unsafe actions on my part may result in injuries to myself and others. Likewise, whenever I see a co-worker doing something unsafe, it is my priority to assist them in finding a safer way to do the job.

I understand that safety is my job, everyday on every project.

To illustrate that safety is my priority, I commit to the following:

  • Wear proper PPE at all times.
  • Know the hazards associated with each job I perform.
  • Comply with all safety policies and programs.
  • Report all workplace hazards.
  • Report all workplace accidents and near miss incidents.

Health & Wellness

As a means to address our country's declining medical state, R. J. Corman has taken proactive steps to improve the health and wellness of its employees. All employees are encouraged to participate in our wellness program. R. J. Corman vehicles and property are also completely tobacco-free.