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Central Kentucky Lines

The Central Kentucky Lines consist of two separate short line railroads. The Versailles portion of the line is approximately 15 miles, from Versailles to the interchange with NS in Lexington. The second portion of the Line is more than 100 miles, from the CSX interchange at HK Tower in Louisville, through Shelbyville, Frankfort, Lexington to Winchester where it interchanges again with CSX. The Lexington yard office is in downtown Lexington, the NS interchange is just south of the yard.

The Central Kentucky Lines runs through the State Capital and the line has numerous industrial development sites for businesses needing access to rail as well as close proximity to interstates 64 and 75.

Freight: peanuts, aluminum ingots, alcohol, paper, plastic, fertilizer, limestone, sand, scrap paper, brick, corn syrup and oil.

The Central Kentucky Lines run 25-30 cars every other day from Berea, Kentucky to Logan Aluminum in South Union, Kentucky. These cars carry aluminum ingots made from recycled aluminum cans (over 1 millions cans per ingot!). The railroad also provides service to the largest peanut butter plant in the world, Smuckers, transporting over 140,000 tons of peanuts per year.

Location: Yard Office in Lexington, KY

Length: Total of 115 miles

Start-Up Date: March 2003

Click Here to download General Rules Tariff RJC 8100

Quick Contacts:

Todd Abney
Train Master

133 Buchanan Street
Lexington, KY 40508
Phone: 859-881-2503
Fax: 859-881-2589

Derrick Wynn
Commercial Development Manager

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